Neuropathy is a significant societal problem as foot ulcers and amputations are drastic and severe consequences of diabetic neuropathy. Today, there is a lack of diagnostic methods that can be employed in a large scale to solve this, as existing methods require highly trained health care professionals and extensive and expensive infrastructure. 

Perception Threshold Tracking has been developed by Aalborg University to provide an easy-to-use and fast-to-execute method for investigating neuropathy, that has the potential to facilitate extensive research in neuropathy. For the first time this enables automatic collection of the large data sets required for answering difficult questions related to diabetic neuropathy. Inventors’ Way has developed LabBench, a software for automating scientific studies within neuroscience and psychophysics.  

With the support of the SSP, this Perception Threshold Tracking and LabBench will be combined and enhanced with a machine learning algorithm. This project will mature the method and its application, resulting in a software solution that can assess the condition of sensory nerves, enabling key research in nerve injuries that may reduce or delay amputations.




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