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A new and truly groundbreaking technology will fundamentally change the way pre-operative planning of knee surgery is performed today. As the inventing research team from AAU has joined forces with surgeons and(serial) entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in the orthopedic industry, this robotic-based technology is about to leave the laboratory to become a new medtech startup, with the objective to relieve tens of thousands of patients suffering from knee injury or degenerative joint decease.


The purpose of this SSP-project is to develop an Artificial Intelligence model (from already collected data) and thereby advance the product from its current “test and development stage” and into “market test and validation”. Furthermore close interaction with the physiotherapy market segment will be a key element with the goal of committing the parties to a real patient trial for product and commercial validation





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Kontakt chefkonsulent Trine Søby Christensen 

Implementing Artificial Intelligence for pre-operative planning of knee surgery